Increase Endurance

To increase stamina for karate fighting, you should engage in an exercise routine that mimics the spurt-and-stop nature of karate point fighting. There is no better exercise technique for this than high intensity interval training (HIIT).

As you continue your training in the martial arts, you will gain stamina over time, but don’t just rely on your karate lessons to pick up stamina, especially since you won’t be point fighting in every single class you attend. And when you do fight, you may end up with a partner who’s not as experienced as you, making the match less demanding.

If you have access to a treadmill, do the following workout (after a 10 minute warm-up) to dramatically increase your stamina for karate point fighting:

30 seconds at 6 mph, One minute at 3 mph, 30 seconds at 7 mph, Two minutes at 3 mph, 30 seconds at 8 mph, Two minutes at 3 mph, 30 seconds at 9 mph, Two minutes at 3 mph, and so on. All the way up to 12 mph (if the machine goes up that high).

Once you reach 12 mph, repeat four more times, then warm down. If the treadmill only goes up to 10 mph, add an incline (holding onto the rails or monitor is forbidden), and perform 5-6 incline intervals. If the treadmill goes up to 15 mph, then go for your fastest speed over a 30 second period. Total intervals at top effort should be done 5-6 times.

The speeds are just guidelines.

You may not even be physically fit enough to run just 9 mph. The point is to set the treadmill at whatever speed it takes to force you into complete stamina depletion after about 30 seconds. Do this HIIT workout 2x/week, and you will notice dramatic improvement in your karate point fighting stamina.

Another way to get more stamina for karate point fighting is to apply HIIT to jump roping. Don’t just go through the motions of jump roping for 30 seconds. Jump as fast as possible, really fast and hard, for 30 seconds. Walk around for two minutes, then do 7-10 more jump intervals. After a few weeks, you will notice a remarkable improvement in your karate point fighting stamina.

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