Training at Hioki Dojo, Phoenix

hiki dojo visit 2012We had an awesome night at Hioki Dojo at last Thursday. Three Arizona dojos came together to train and improve. Learning from a great teacher is a luxury. Some people will not understand why we would drive 2 hours from Chino Valley to another Dojo all the way in Phoenix just to train karate. But, we know exactly why we went. We went to meet with fellow karateka’s who live for karate and to be inspired by them.

The training is always great at Hioki Dojo. We started at 7pm with the warm up. This is a very fundamental part of karate. A good warm up sets a great basic tone for the rest of the training and also helps to avoid injuries.

hioki dojo 2012Then we started with the KIHON. Basically the kihon includes many punches and kicks repeated 30 times each.

By the time we were done with kihon, we all felt warmed up and ready for more serious exercises. Sensei Hioki showed us how strong a man can be at age 58. He asked Sempai Erno to kick him at the ribs. Sempai Erno told us later “To kick Sensei Hioki in the ribs is just as hard as kicking a sand-filled heavy bag…”

Later, we worked on some kumite exercises. Blocks and attacks to the head and ribs as well as legs. We now had great understanding of how to block, for example, a head kick, but we still needed to get a good, stable routine. Practice, practice and more practice!

hioki dojo 2012 Then, not surprisingly, Sensei Hioki made us do 100 push-ups and 120 sit-ups. We all got really tired but the training was well worth it!

Thanks to Sensei Hikoi for teaching us and also thanks to all of you who came and spent the time with us that night.

Sensei Bob Layton 4th Dan

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